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Master : Neurosciences


Présentation générale :

A new interdisciplinary master’s degree in neuroscience is offered by Paris Descartes and Paris Diderot University.

The master’s program will provide students with a broad knowledge in the field of neuroscience ranging from molecular and cellular to integrative neuroscience

• High-skilled researchers, clinicians and experts in the vast and ever-growing field of neuroscience coming from universities, research institutes, hospitals, and industries

• Experimental skills using cutting-edge techniques (ten-month internships in Paris or abroad)

• Skills in project management, experimental design, data analysis, and scientific communication.

• Over 50 research laboratories and facilities involved in this program


During the first year (M1), students will acquire a solid theoretical knowledge in neuroscience with an emphasis on experimental neuroscience research.

During the second year (M2), students will acquire more in-depth knowledge in different fields of neuroscience. Core and optional modules in cellular and molecular neuroscience and integrative neuroscience are offered. Students can take one free module from other master’s degrees (Master of genetics, CogMaster, BME,...).

A master’s degree for motivated students willing to pursue a career in the field of neuroscience, in both public and private sectors. An access to different PhD schools in France and abroad.


Plaquette téléchargeable :  PDF iconplaquette_master_neuroscience_2019_vs_actualisee.pdf (3.03 Mo)


Liens :

Site web de la formation : www.master-neuroscience-paris.fr

Pour plus d'informations, ou pour candidater à cette formation, suivre le lien suivant : Master de Neurosciences